Bremont U2-Jet Venom AVAILABLE

Now Available

Bremont Releases the U2-Jet


October 2018 will see the release of Columbia Pictures highly anticipated action-packed film Venom, one of Marvels most enigmatic, complex antiheroes. Fitting with the dark and sombre tone of the film, the new stealthy Bremont U-2/51-JET timepiece can be seen throughout adorning the wrist of Eddie Brock played by friend of the brand, Tom Hardy.

Bremont also teamed up with comic artist and aviation enthusiast, Adi Granov, to paint the Bremont Broussard, the brand?s 1950s French military aircraft. Inspired by the iconic shark tooth design seen on the WWII fighters Adi unleashed Venom on the nose of the Broussard, giving it a modern-day twist. With aviation deeply rooted in Bremonts DNA, it was a perfect way for the brand to bring Venom to life.

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