9R Spring Drive

In 1977, a young Seiko engineer decided to put to the test his belief that perhaps, after all, a watch manufacturer could realize the elusive dream of the ‘everlasting’ watch. He had the vision and the courage to conceive of a traditional watch, powered by a mainspring, that would deliver the one-second-a-day accuracy that Seiko’s electronic watches were then already able to deliver.
This brilliant engineer, Yoshikazu Akahane, was a persistent and determined man.
It took him over twenty years, during which he endured countless setbacks and created over 600 prototypes, but he and his team eventually succeeded.
It required new technologies in every aspect of the watchmaker’s art, and they created them, one by one, year by year. In 1999, Spring Drive was born.

Do the planets shudder of ‘tick’ noisily as they cross the heavens? Of course not.
Time is both continuous and silent, and it is by reflecting these essential characteristics of time itself that Seiko Spring Drive fulfills its promise as the only watch in the world to tell time as Nature itself tells time.